The metal recycling process is very economical, as it can go through the cycle again and again with its properties remaining the same. We can separate metals effectively and source good quality materials to keep the process as environmentally friendly as possible.

The process is simple but effective for Shearing, Cable Granulation and End of Life Vehicle:

  1. Processing: to optimise on time and efficiency, all metals are compressed to take up
    as little space as possible on the conveyor belts.
  2. Shredding and Melting: next this is shredded into thin pieces to allow the make the
    melting process quicker and less energy consuming.
  3. Purification: the scrap metal is melted again in a large furnace, which is designed for
    specific metals based on their properties. Final purification is carried out using
    electrolysis until they are in block form and ready for re-distribution.

This is a crucial service for decreasing pollution and conserving energy by up to 75%.